NBIA Poland signs an agreement supporting the BRAINCURE Project.


At the beginning of this year, members of the Board of Directors of the new association NBIA POLAND, Maciej Cwyl and Jacek Dybowski, visited Seville to learn first-hand about the BRAINCURE Project. Some weeks later, a videoconference was hold with families, doctors and researchers to explain the scope of the Project. Finally, during this last week, the collaboration agreement between the NBIA POLAND Association and the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville has been formalized, for supporting the recently opened research line "BRAINCURE for MPAN"

Neurodegeneration Associated with the Mitochondrial Membrane Protein (MPAN) is one of the subtypes of the NBIA. Poland is a country with a high prevalence of MPAN patients with more than 60 identified cases. The possibility of extending collaboration to other NBIA´s has also been discussed.

BRAINCURE for MPAN, in a preliminary work, has already reported 3 drugs approved by the EMA and the FDA with positive results in the fibroblasts of the MPAN patients and, it is expected that the number of approved drugs will be increased and with it, the chances of success of finding a positive therapy for these patients.

There are already 4 Patient Associations worldwide, also members of the NBIA ALLIANCE, which share a line of vision regarding the strengthening of lines of research that have as a priority to find treatment for PATIENTS OF THIS GENERATION. Those Associations are AIDNAI (NBIA FRANCE) NBIA HUNGARY, NBIA POLAND and ENACH Association (Spain).

Likewise, in the country with the highest global prevalence of PKAN, the ENACH RD Patient Association is being formally constituted. This Association will also be a partner of the BRAINCURE Project as soon as it is legally constituted. At the same time, conversations are being held with another Association that could soon join this common project.

BRAINCURE has a marked profile of translational science (from the laboratory to the patient). Therefore, it works with the skin cells of each patient that are cultured into fibroblasts and, these into neurons induced by a direct reprogramming, this being the closest model existing for each patient.

BRAINCURE is led by Professor José Antonio Sánchez Alcázar and already covers the following NBIA subtypes: PKAN, PLAN, BPAN and MPAN.

The contact data of NBIA POLAND are:

Maciej Cwyl (President)

Email: nbia.polska@wp.pl



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