Our Polish sister Association, NBIA Poland, has just signed an agreement with the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville to support BPAN WDR45 research in the context of the BRAINCURE for BPAN WDR45 project.

At the same time, NBIA Poland has also extended its participation to the BRAINCURE for MPAN project, which was signed with the University a few months ago.

BRAINCURE is a research project originally commissioned by Spanish families to Professor Sánchez Alcázar (Professor of the Pablo de Olavide University and expert in rare diseases and autophagy) whose objective is to find therapeutic options for PATIENTS OF THIS GENERATION.

BRAINCURE started with PKAN and PLAN but, in February of this year, a group of families from different countries decided to organize and coordinate among themselves to finance the starting of BRAINCURE for BPAN WDR45. ENACH Association made available to these families the signature with the University offering it legal entity status.

In a short period of time, BRAINCURE for BPAN WDR45 have identified 5 existing drugs that, depending on what combination and dose, could be considered as a possible therapeutic option. The forecast is to identify at least a total of 10 for having more solid therapeutic options.

The objective of BRAINCURE for BPAN WDR45 is to try the chronification and / or to try to improve patients until techniques that still have years of research and development, such as gene therapy or CRISPR, can be a real, reliable and safe option.

Also, to strengthen advances in BPAN WDR45, collaborations of the highest level have been established both in Spain and in the United States. In the USA, this collaboration is with an expert researcher in autophagy and neurodenerative diseases, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of that country. The NAS, is an American corporation whose members serve as "advisors to that nation in science, engineering and medicine."

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