Support from Merck Health Foundation, Merck Serono, to Braincure Project.


The Foundation Merck Salud, funded by the MERCK Serono Company, announces that it has been awarded  with the Merck Research grant 2019 in the area of ​​Clinical Research in Rare Diseases, with the project entitled "BRAINCURE: THERAPY FOR NEURODEGENERATION BY CEREBRAL ACCUMULATION OF IRON" .

On April 30, the Merck Salud Foundation formally announced that the Braincure Project was selected as the recipient of the research grants awarded each year by this prestigious Institution.

The multidisciplinary research group Braincure, has been working for 5 years in the search of drugs already approved by the EMA and the FDA that might be a therapeutic option for NBIA. At present, Braincure it has open 4 lines of translational research, that is, "from the laboratory to the patient". These lines focus on the four most prevalent ENACH such as PKAN, PLAN, BPAN and MPAN. Both the innovative approach of Braincure and the preliminary results obtained at a clinical level, motivate the growing attention and interest of private institutions and associations of Spanish and foreign patients, both for NBIA and other pathologies related to neurodegeneration.

The selection of Braincure by the Fundacion Merck Salud, is not the financial aid only , is a recognition of the work done by this Research Group whose priority objective is to find a solution for the patients of this generation.

Fundacion Merck Salud created in 1991, is a private non-profit institution, funded by the leading company in science and technology Merck, specializing in the areas of Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials. Its purpose is to promote Biomedical Research in all disciplines that contribute to the improvement of health and promote the development of Bioethics and Health Law.

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