Starts the ENACH Synergy Platform.


ENACH Association has promoted the creation of a Platform that will group the different research projects that are being developed in Spain for this group of diseases. This Platform is ENACH Synergy.

The purpose of ENACH Synergy is to create synergies between the different Research Projects that are already underway and others that are taking shape.

BRAINCURE was the first Research Project about NBAI in Spain. They  published the firsts research articles at the cellular level and although the clinical results in patients have not yet been formally published because it are in the drafting phase, at ENACH Association, we are aware of the advances, and we wanted to keep gaining time (the time our children do not have) to launch new lines of research that will be complementary. Also, several years ago there is another research project that deals with the Neuropsychological area whose results are also in the publication phase.

The new lines of research will go parallel to BRAINCURE but all will be under the umbrella of the ENACH Synergy Platform and, it will be propitiated that the members of the different projects collaborate with each other for the development of their respective projects. It is a collaborative Platform between Projects.

The purpose of BRAINCURE is to look for drugs already on the market that might be a therapeutic option. As a consequence, the next project that is being designed is how to obtain the highest efficiency in patients with the drugs found by BRAINCURE. At the same time, a project is being designed that will deal with Inflammation, Neurogenesis and Neural Plasticity.

The creation of this ENACH Synergy is going to suppose the greater integration of existing disciplines at the WORLD level with a single objective, to look for solutions for the NBIA PATIENTS OF THIS GENERATION.

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